Bride of the Head of the Family (2020)

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Bride of the Head of the Family (2020)

Following the events of the original film, the head of the family himself, Myron Stackpool, attempts to rebuild his empire from the ashes of destruction. But finding his lost fortune and missing siblings is only a fraction of his woes, as a mysterious high-powered woman arrives on the scene. Her name is Eugenia, and she sports a BIG agenda and an even BIGGER head! It’s love-at-first-sight for Myron, but before he and his newly betrothed can exchange vows, they’ll have to deal with mad doctors, deformed hit men, sexual orderlies, and more - as they all race to the wedding of - the BRIDE OF THE HEAD OF THE FAMILY!

Título original: Bride of the Head of the Family


Géneros: Terror
Audio:Latino e Inglés subtitulada
Calidad:Full HD
Año de lanzamiento:2020


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